Standard consulting rates are $350/hour

Scaling Sales


Sales Culture that Supports your Strategy

Taking your company to the next level may require a sales culture that permeates across all groups. During this session, we will identify specific areas of developing a sales culture from how you build a sales team from scratch to connecting your product management, marketing and support to sales and vice versa.

Go-To-Market strategy

Do Sales and Marketing have complementing Go-To-Market strategies that includes:   

  • A complete campaign Bill of Materials for each product or solution and a sales segmentation model that supports it? 
  • Are there trainings in place to get sales educated on the GTM? 
  • Are your channel partners on the same page? We will leverage the messaging to build out a complete GTM that is enables sales and marketing.

Sales who have Industry and Solutions Expertise

Developing a short-term and long-term enablement strategy is a key to success.

  • Customer/Industry Expertise
  • Understanding vertical and horizontal solutions
  • Deep knowledge of the products
  • Art and Science of Selling
    • Pipeline, Opportunity and Forecast Management
    • Building Long Term Customer Relationships
    • Account, Territory and Call Planning
    • Sales Process & Leveraging Tools
    • Negotiations and Closing

Custom Sales Process

I have developed a workshop that takes 1-3 days (depends on the number of different sales motions in your business). The off-the-shelf sales processes that are available today no longer fit in today's selling. You need a sales model that custom fits your business and even more importantly, your customer's buying process.

Constant Recruiting

Many studies claim that the most expensive piece of sales is attrition. Leveraging a proven hiring process that is inclusive with a consistent recruiting methodology. Do you have a strategic list of role profiles for each type of sales? (Entry-level to Senior Experience)  Let me help you with a hiring process that takes only a few hours to learn and helps in scaling sales.

Sales Tools and Operations

  • Is your CRM just a reporting tool for leadership? 
  • Is it a mechanism for pipeline and opportunity management? 

Most companies implement CRM for the wrong reasons, let's spend some time on providing value for your sales teams! If it's not helping you with growing pipeline, close ratios and revenue, you should stop using it! We will help you with shifting the value from a reporting tool to a sales tool and drive incremental revenue.

People - Process - Technology

Your most important asset


Do not underestimate how important your PEOPLE are in driving engagement, customer satisfaction and ultimately success of your business.

On-Boarding and Enablement


While most companies focus on getting the paperwork done and employees into the HR system, they leave functional enablement up to the manager with little or no support. If you don't have a prescriptive 180 day detailed plan in place, Please call me and let's build one together. It will pay for itself in no time at all!

360 Degree Customer View


Do you sales teams have complete access to everything happening with their customer?

  • Research Tools
  • Account Planning
  • CRM
  • Invoicing
  • Customer Service
  • Deployment
  • Revenue
  • Trends
  • Historical

Talent Management


Most small and medium businesses haven't invested in Talent Management. 

  • Performance
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Calibration
  • Role Definitions and Clarity
  • Clear Job Descriptions

Strategy supporting processes


Do the processes in your business support the overall operational efficiencies required to maximize profitable growth? 

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Closed Loop
  • Cross Group



Sales and Marketing teams should be rewarded for driving innovation  and sales growth. Today's selling requires new, fresh approaches to solve your customer's business problems. Let your teams loose and enable them to be successful.